Cordialmente Teus

Ten stories or one. Ten moments in the timeline: 1972, 1999, 1550, 2083, 1891, 2012, 1618 – and the same reality: violence giving the final face to relations in brazil. a slave revolt on a coffee plantation, the torture of an indian, the kidnapping of an ambassador, jews hiding from the inquisition, a tortured woman who sees her torturer in the audience to which she tells the crime committed by him, father and son talking during the second war, a widow who lost everything in “ensiling crisis” and is forced to marry and lose her freedom.

Műfaj: Dráma


Legénység: Aimar Labaki (Director)


Cím Eredeti: Cordialmente Teus

Futásidő: 94 Percek

Minőség: HD

Kiadás: 2022

imdb rating 7


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